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Huma-Num’s documentation in English

Huma-Num in a nutshell

You’ll find here a brief description of the infrastructure Huma-Num dedicated to SSH in France, its organization and the services it provides.

NAKALA repository

NAKALA is an interoperable and secure repository for depositing all types of data (e.g. text files, audio, video, images or other types) in order to share them.

NAKALA deposit Workflow and Quality Control

An overview of the deposit process in NAKALA and what type of controls are applied.

Data Deposit

The different steps required for a NAKALA deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions about NAKALA.

How NAKALA implements the OAIS model.

The committee is composed of members representing the different poles of Huma-Num and at least one representative of the management: It’s main goal is to review and process all service opening requests in accordance with Huma-Num’s general policy

The TGIR Huma-Num offers the community of producers of digital data in Humanities and Social Sciences a preservation service on the long term. It relies, for this activity, on the infrastructure and skills of a labeled center, the Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur (CINES).

  • NAKALA diagrams

Simplified Architecture

Strategy for multiple copies