Huma-Num’s Consortia

The main idea of a consortium is to organize (multi)disciplinary collective dialogue within research communities by bringing together different types of actors (researchers, technical staff, librarians, engineers, etc.) coming from different institutions, with the aim of creating synergies. In return, a consortium is expected to provide guidelines of technological and (or scientific) best practices, new standards and tools.  

What is a Huma-Num consortium? What is their life cycle?

A Huma-Num consortium is a group of people, often from different institutions, sometimes from different disciplines, working on the same scientific objects, methods, or themes. Together, they submit a common project to the Huma-Num Scientific Council which provides an evaluation and if it is approved, the consortium is labelled and funded by Huma-Num for four years.

Every year, the Scientific Council evaluates consortia by conducting a scientific evaluation of their actions and makes a recommendation on the budget requested. Then, the Huma-Num Steering Committee validates or proposes modifications to the budget; and so on. Every year Huma-Num labels new entrants, receives submissions, or renews labels based on a mix of continuing and new projects of the group.  

What are Huma-Num’s consortia goals and what do they do?

With the help of Huma-Num’s services and personnel, Huma-Num’s consortia are tasked with creating synergies from within the research community for SSH. Their main goal is to facilitate the appropriation of digital tools and their inclusion in open data, open source and open access processes.  

In order to do so, they carry out a variety of actions such as organizing concertation on good practices, organising training sessions, developing specific or generic tools, publishing guidelines and promoting multi-scale dialog.    

See the current list of Huma-Num’s consortia here

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